• Shipping a car from UAE to Saudi Arabia

    Get your car to Saudi Arabia without any problems at all.

  • car shipping options

  • Containerized car shipping

    We offer two types of containerized shipping for delivering your cars to Saudi Arabia. The first option is the use of dedicated containers which as the name suggests, is dedicated to shipping your car alone. You are thus free to include other items in the remaining space after the car is loaded. Secondly, we offer a shared container shipping. With this option, we ship two or three cars in the same container. It is still reliable and slightly cheaper than the dedicated container option.

  • RoRo shipping services

    we are proud to be offering the best Roll on Roll off car shipping services from UAE to Saudi Arabia. This option is highly recommended if you look forward to shipping large vehicles like trucks, buses, vans or other big-wheeled machinery.

  • Land transportation

    due to the nearness of Saudi Arabia to UAE, we also have land transportation options where your vehicle is transported in specialized tracks from UAE to Saudi Arabia. This option is ideal when sea transportation is likely to take long and requires a lot of money.